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About Alston & Company, NJ Church Accountant

Alston & Company provides church and nonprofit accounting in Freehold, New Brunswick, Trenton, and all surrounding communities. Our firm is a full-service, minority-owned, Christ-centered accounting firm established in 1993.

Our founder, Abraham Alston, Jr., CPA, has over 15 years of expertise and experience specializing in a wide array of financial and tax-related services. The clients we serve need an accounting firm who has the knowledge, respectfulness, and dependability to help them thoroughly. We are that firm.

Our Mission Statement

Serving churches and nonprofit organizations is our specialty; however, our patrons include numerous small business and individual clients.

What sets A & Co. apart from other accounting firms is our holistic approach which enables us to provide our clients with unparalleled service.

  • Our vision to enhance the ability of our clients to effectively utilize available resources to further their economic, spiritual, community, and social endeavors.
  • Our mission to provide comprehensive financial services that will meet and exceed the expectations of those businesses, individuals, churches and nonprofit organizations that partner with us.
  • Our promise to 100% validate and support our work. 

Experts in Church Accounting

Churches, daycares, and nonprofits are fields that have exceptional tax rules around them. What is unique about such entities is they share is a tax-exempt status reliant on maintaining several regulations throughout their operation. If a pastor or board member goes to an accountant who is not well versed in their unique situation, they will not get the exact help they may want.

Our Freehold accounting firm is not just familiar with these rules. We are experts in church, daycare, and nonprofit accounting. As an accounting firm dedicated to those who serve our community, we make sure all of our clients stay compliant with their tax-exempt regulations.

Valuing Our Client’s Trust

Trust is a key component to the services accountants and other financial experts provide. As entities who want to help people, churches and not-for-profit entities need to know that the financial support they receive is rooted in an appreciation for their goals, concerns, and integrity.

If there is one trait that defines Alston & Company, it is trustworthiness. Abraham Alston, our founder, and CEO, has served our community for over thirty-five years. During this time, he has provided accurate financial reports and tax returns, given sound accounting advice based on generally accepted accounting principles, and maintained precise records of grant funding use.

Churches put their trust in us, and we strive live up to these expectations in every service we provide. As evidenced by the twenty-year relationships we have built with some of our clients, we take your confidence in us seriously.

A Responsive Approach

When you run a church, the accounting services you receive must be responsive. Meeting agendas, tax law changes, and accounting requirement adjustments all rely on information that is delivered promptly.

We return all phone calls within twenty-four hours. We meet all reporting and tax deadlines, whether for the IRS of your own internal meetings, to make sure you have access to the information you need when you need it.

Our dedicated firm helps you keep track of clergy tax law and church accounting changes by staying ahead of the curve ourselves; we go above and beyond our continuing education requirements so we can be proactive in adapting to continually changing regulations and laws.

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Alston & Company offers church, daycare, and nonprofit accounting near Freehold. Our goal is to use our unique attributes to provide quality, personalized service. For more information, call our firm and schedule a consultation today.