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Clergy Consultation / Tax Returns

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Tax Services for Clergy and Pastors in Freehold, NJ

Every person can benefit from having a professional tax preparer assist them during tax season. However, if you are a member of a church’s clergy, it can be difficult to find a CPA who understands your unique employment circumstances. To make sure everyone gets the help they need, Alston & Company offers clergy and individual tax services in Freehold, NJ, with service to other communities in the tristate area.

Clergy Tax Specialty

Tax-exempt compliance reports for churches can be complicated, but the income tax returns for the people who work for the church are even more complex. The rules for what is and is not taxable must be carefully navigated by accountants who understand them closely. As your church accounting firm, Alston & Company specializes in tax returns for members of your religious organization’s clergy.

For example, we have a strong understanding of how to properly report your allowances to the IRS. As you know, pastors and other clergy members are often given a housing or car allowance by their church; this helps them live on the income they do receive. While these benefits are an essential part of their daily life, the manner in which they are reported is critical to maintaining a clear and honest tax obligation. We make sure that these allowances are written properly by the official church board so that each clergy member can receive the relevant tax benefits.

Our firm also assists you in setting up your retirement plan properly. Whether you are contributing to a private IRA or have a 403(b) account set up by your church board, having an account and maintaining it in a certain way will have a significant impact on your tax obligation. We help you report your retirement account on your current tax return and create a plan for better management of it to improve next year’s obligation.

All Incomes Welcome

Our specialty in clergy income taxation is only one of the many personalized tax services we  can offer. Nonprofit members, sole proprietors, and employees of any business can also receive client-focused tax support. We will help you prepare, file, and plan ahead.

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Alston & Company is dedicated to making sure that everyone has a successful tax season. We provide clergy tax services and individual tax services to anyone who wants to make sure their returns are filed accurately and on time. For more information, call our firm and schedule a consultation today!

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