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Church Bookkeeping

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Balancing Books for Religious Organizations in Freehold, NJ

As a pastor or member of the clergy, money should not be a stumbling block to your ability to serve your members and community. However, the IRS needs to know that you are using your contributions for good causes, and they can only see this if your books clearly show how you use your funding.

Alston & Company provides church accounting services in Freehold, New Brunswick, Trenton, NJ, and all tristate area communities. We help churches and not-for-profit organizations keep their accounts organized, provide audits and demonstrate their compliance with IRS and state regulations. Our firm will help with this important aspect of your operation so you can focus on your mission and goals. 

Accounting Services We Provide

The accounting support we provide starts with making sure your books are completely in order through bank reconciliations, financial reporting, etc.

Our Freehold, NJ, church accountant reviews your general ledger, bank accounts, and contribution and revenue streams to make sure all information presented is accurate. If any of these require adjustments due to inaccuracies, we will correct the amounts to their true numbers. We will also adjust your transfers to ensure your financial reporting is accurate.

A larger part of maintaining accurate bookkeeping for churches is using the right accounting software. We can set up and train in the use of both PowerChurch Plus® and QuickBooks®, the two most popular accounting software platforms among churches.

Other accounting support we provide includes payroll. We will set up the payroll calculations in your accounting software and review the checks it produces. We also handle all payroll tax functions for you, from the quarterly reports to preparing Forms W-2, W-3, and 1099. 

Remote Accounting Access

Traditionally, all documents pertaining to your organization’s finances were physically dropped off at an accounting firm or picked up from your church. However, as the needs of the people you help increase and technology changes the way an organization operates, physical document transfers become a less feasible way to have accounting work done.

Alston & Company can electronically retrieve accounting files from your site on a monthly or quarterly basis. This process is both convenient and safe, allowing you to know that your church’s information is being processed by a trusted financial expert. The ease of access also streamlines the return of this information, so your corrected records and communications from our firm are returned to you more promptly than physical document transfer allows. 

Contact Us for Church Accounting Support

Alston & Company offers church accounting to all tristate communities. We will help your church stay accurate and compliant with its records, so you can focus on serving your community. For more information about our accounting services to churches and non-profit organizations, call us today and schedule an initial consultation.

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